As the project grows: we invite you to become a climaginarian and imagine a different world

We are in a crisis of imagination, as Amitav Ghosh so succinctly put it. The ongoing climate catastrophe has forced us to reconsider what personal and societal futures are possible, yet we lack the tools to imagine them. It is with despair we read the latest headlines declaring species extinction and meteorological absurdity. We are interested in the power that stories and imaginaries have in filling that void created by futures unknown and uncertain.

We therefore invite you to co-produce those stories - to become a fellow Climaginarian. Below we have listed three projects that will be initiated in 2019, where you can play a vital role.



A rough guide to decarbonisation

Carbon Ruins


Past Events


Climate Imaginaries of Hope: Workshop at the Petrocultures Conference

SATURDAY, September 1, 2018

The Climaginaries project is presented in a panel discussion on the synergies and disjunctions between how different disciplines conceptualise the ways climate imaginaries contribute to post-fossil transitions. Climate imaginaries come in different shades and forms. In the workshop we focus on those envisioning desirable lives after fossil fuels. What particular functions do these imaginaries of hope fulfil? And how can we develop a transdisciplinary vocabulary to enable newinsights on how such imaginaries are narrated and effectively translated into climate efforts?