Carbon Ruins



What are the fossils of the fossil age?

It is 2053. The Swedish government has just opened its landmark museum FOSSIL with its first exhibition Carbon Ruins. The exhibition and its grand opening is a celebration of the fact that global net-zero emissions of carbon dioxide were reached in 2050. Sweden, in line with its 2017 targets, reached net-zero emissions of greenhouse gases already in 2045, being the first country in the world to step out of the fossil age, which globally lasted between 1849 and 2049.

Seven years after the target was reached, the efforts to do so seems to belong to some distant past. The museum aims to create a collective memory of life in the fossil age and to foster the ongoing discussion on how to live sustainably on Earth. Carbon Ruins displays that which we left behind in the fossil age, the objects which we no longer use. 

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The exhibition will have its official opening on the 8th of April at 16 - 20 at the Department of Political Science, Eden, in Lund to kick-start Lund University’s Sustainability Week. Event to save to your calendar here.

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